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The dove has long been a symbol for eternal peace and purity- it is shy,  gentle, and does no harm.

With a heart of servanthood, Dr. Gray is passionate about helping women and children rise to the occasion that they were destined for.

Residing in Cedar Hill, Texas, Dr. Gray has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Science in Nursing, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice. She is a licensed minister and received an Honorary Diploma from the University of Guadalajara School of Medicine. Most importantly, her faith, works, and love for people and servanthood is what she is passionate about. 

My faith

Faith without works is dead; an inheritance is what we leave people, but a legacy is what we put into people.

Embracing families and communities.

My involvement

In our communities, our mission is to embrace young adult women using a skills-based approach to teach principles of high moral, spiritual, emotional and rational character for becoming independent and self-supportive. We provide housing for qualifying young adult women.

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